Sell My Things

It won’t shave your mortgage down, but selling your stuff can help you put a dent in your moving budget. Plus, it guarantees premium toppings on your Move Day pizza. We’ve compiled a list of easy ways to make a quick buck.

Online Marketplaces

Kijiji is a national platform with loads of web traffic, which makes it the best place to unload your general items. It’s also a place where you can find people willing to part with their money in order to acquire someone’s old tennis ball collection, a violent fish who can’t get along with the other fish in the tank (true story), or a half-finished can of beer (also a true story, although it didn’t sell for full price).

If you're looking to keep it in the community, Facebook is the place. Many neighbourhoods have local sales groups and joining them instantly connects you to people in your area.

Additional online marketplaces:



Kids' Clothing

Once Upon a Child is a fantastic place to sell your children's gently used, good quality threads. With locations across Canada, check for your nearest location. Just be careful when you walk in, because you may walk out with a pile of new items that completely defeat the original purpose of your task.

Designer Clothing

If you’re positive you now hate shoulder pads, and they’re attached to a very expensive blazer, the least you can do is get top dollar on your investment. Places like Poshmark deal exclusively in high-end consignments. For more local options, however, you now know the concierge drill.

Sports Equipment

There’s no greater symbol of our cumulative failed New Year’s resolutions than that pile of unused sports equipment in the corner. Play It Again Sports will gladly relieve you of your moral burden while offering you good value for your old golf clubs, which you can then use to buy an annual gym membership you’ll use for the month of January.

If there’s no Play It Again Sports in your area, your concierge will get on that, stat.


Fresh home, fresh start. That means sending your old dorm room IKEA furniture off to its next life on a Viking funeral pyre. Well, don't actually do that; just honour it with a full medieval state funeral in your mind then try to sell it for cash.

If you literally have IKEA furniture, many locations will now buy it back from you and re-sell it in their stores. Check here to see if your couch named Sven is eligible for resale.

Local consignment stores can also help you complete this task. Many of them will have an online showroom to facilitate the sales process quickly. Check the list of your regional options below, or contact your concierge for help researching more options in your area.